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Winterhalter 'UF-M' Utensil Washer

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Winterhalter is an international, family-run company that can trace its roots back to Southern Germany, 1947. The focus on commercial warewashing systems has been strengthened by innovation, efficiency, ease-of-use, and the professional standard delivered by their equipment. The UF Series utensil washers are ergonomic units that are designed to save space, energy, and time while delivering hygienically perfect cleaning results.


• Dimensions: 775 x 870 x 1720 mm

• Colour: Stainless Steel

Winterhalter’s UF-M is a smaller unit from the UF range of utensil washers. These large capacity washers are designed to handle bigger kitchen items such as pots, pans, and trays. The UF range have a built-in soaking programme that reduced the need for manual labour and will free up more time for the kitchen staff.


This range of utensil washers can also be uniquely customised to fit into different types of kitchens. The particular roles that these washers are demonstrably well-suited to include butchers, bakeries, restaurants. But no matter which type of kitchen the UF-M unit has been employed within, the standard features will shine with as much lustre as the beautifully washed items that will be happily used once again.


Standard Features

• Target group specific software versions for baker, butcher, universal
• Three programmes as standard
• High performance washing system with wash pressure adjustment VarioPower
• Special programmes soaking-, short-, intensive-, basic cleaning- and machine descaling programme
• Intelligent wash water filtration system
• Rinse aid dosing device (built in)
• Thermostopp for hygienic safety
• Active energy management


• Width 775 mm
• Depth 870 mm
• Height 1720 mm


• Weight: 190 kg
• Tank Capacity: 69L

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