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Woodson 'W.FAS80' Auto-Lift Fryer

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Woodson are one of Australia's original counter-top equipment manufacturers (circa 1954) and now produce large stand alone units. Everything they produce is made in their state of the art manufacturing facility in Brisbane and is vigorously tested before departure. This auto lift fryer has a mechanism where a time can be preset that will then lift the product out of the fryer allowing for consistent and easy operation.


• Dimensions: 384 x 700 x 285 mm

• Size: Single Pan

Standard Features

• Unique tilt back fryer heads can be removed or locked in upright position, allowing safe and clean draining back into the pan
• Precise thermostat control 60°C to 210°C
• Tight fitting cover encloses fryer, even with the basket in the frying position
• Easily removed 1/2 GN sized oil pan
• Complete stainless steel construction - including slide-out drip tray
• Element guards and fish plate provided
• Basket rail for draining
• Over-temperature cut-out for safety


• Width 285 mm
• Depth 700 mm
• Height 384 mm


• Weight: 12 kg
• Power on and indicator light


• 15 Amp
• 2.9 kW

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